Children Services

At CAMP we strive to create and provide an environment where participants feel safe, happy, valued, praised and encouraged. Through our children services, participants are encouraged to explore and make sense of the world around them through attending to a variety of tasks and activities, life language and communication skills, developing independence and the suitable skills for social and play interactions. The adolescent age group is encouraged to explore the community by becoming involved in circumstances that relate to real life and access resources outside the school environment. We aim to give participants opportunities to develop interests and make choices that might continue into their future.


Our children’s services and programs are offered to children up to 18 years of age and provide a wide variety of experiences and opportunities. Our intentions through our programs are to help your child develop confidence, to become more involved and independent in their community and to develop a sense of who they are. Our programs provide opportunities for your child to achieve goals, connect with others in the community and have fun while allowing your family to have a short break. Providing both your child and your family with services and supports that best suit your individual needs are something we are committed too.


Individual Supports

At CAMP we value and understand that each child is unique in their own way. Our staff are committed to working with families to provide tailored services and support to ensure the individuals needs, interests and goals are at the centre of the child’s care.

Individual supports include:

  • Learn or develop a particular skill.
  • Increased independence at home and within the community.
  • Opportunities to engage and build friendships with others.
  • Develop greater independence at home, school, or out in the community.
  • Learn and progress towards a specific skill
  • Discover more about their communication devices, iPads, and social media
  • Proceed with an interest in a 1:1 or group setting.
  • Having a great time!

Recreation & Leisure

Recreation group programs run each weekend throughout the course of the year. These programs are fun, inclusive and allow for social interactions with other children aswell as accessing a range of places and experiences across the inner and outer Melbourne region. 

  • Weekend programs – Single day fun and engaging activities and weekend camps out and about in the community.  Small groups, of either regular or casual attendees, operate for specific age groups and common participant interests.
  • School Holiday Program Activities run every school holiday period – fun, social, activity packed and community based.

Communication Support

At CAMP For Kids & Adults we believe that every individual has the ability to communicate. This is why our team takes the time to be up skilled in different communication systems to be able to provide the best support to each individual. When out in the community we encourage all individuals to bring along their communication device which allows each team member to support them to communicate their wants and needs at all times. Our Communication Coordinator not only up skills each team member, they will also work with other individuals who work to support you in how to engage, model, and set up your communication systems and devices. This will allow each individual to feel heard, as well as make communication easier for you and allows you to create an environment that is more inclusive and communication accessible.